Resources for the Preschool Years
updated March 7, 2018

Please read this article before you begin our preschool program:
"How to Homeschool" - article by Waldorf Curriculum

Teaching Resources for Preschool & Kindergarten (pdf)

"If Your Child is Under 40 Months" (pdf) - article by Waldorf Curriculum

If your child is between the ages of birth and 3, we also recommend the excellent book
Nurturing Children and Families by Sarah Baldwin

The Waldorf Clearing House Newsletter devoted an entire issue to the curriculum for preschool:

Setting Up the Playroom

Playroom Picture Gallery at Three Sisters Toys

My photos from the Kindergarten room at The Washington Waldorf School are available on the photo album for our Yahoo Group. Please join! There is no cost to join the Yahoo Group and we have 1000+ members.

Photo Album link

(for Yahoo Group members)

The BEST book for setting up the play space, including what toys are developmentally appropriate at each stage and directions on how to make them is Toymaking with Children by Freya Jaffke. Find additional articles, free online patterns, and links to favorite vendors at our Waldorf Play page.

What Waldorf Toys Do You REALLY Need?
blog post when my son turned 3 years old

Articles & Websites

Getting Started with Waldorf -- How to Begin?

Cooking with Children

Helping (pdf), as Part of Your Planbook

Wet Felting How-To

Storytelling - advice from Marsha Johnson

Articles from Gateways: A Newsletter of the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America
select articles from back issues available online

"A Grain a Day" - article by Waldorf Curriculum

Early Childhood Bibliography - a comprehensive list by WECAN
all the resources you could ever want plus where to find them!

Quills Up Stay Away! A Poison Awareness Program
a preschool curriculum designed by the National Capital Poison Center
all program materials are available free online Verses and Songs for Steiner/Waldorf Classrooms

Rhoda's Collection of Verses

The Vital Role of Play in Early Childhood Education - article by Joan Almon

What Are the Needs of Five Year Olds? - article by Joan Almon

Early Childhood Program at Portland Waldorf School

From Playing to Thinking: How the Kindergarten Provides a Foundation for Scientific Understanding - article by Eugene Schwartz

The Education of the Child in the Light of Anthroposophy by Rudolf Steiner - essential reading

Check out the FREE Art lessons/activities and other links in our FREE RESOURCES section

Tips for Painting Peg Dolls for Beginners
blog post - Ordinary Lovely

The Circle Never Ends: A Multicultural Preschool Curriculum Model based in the American Indian Tradition
a wonderful curriculum written by Native peoples - it is meant for preschool but you can use the legends at any age
each of the nine units is downloadable separately as a PDF

Baking Bread with a Play Group - newsletter topic by Waldorf Curriculum (subscription required)

Morning Verse for
Preschool & Kindergarten

from the Oak Meadow Preschool Package

(start by bending over touching your toes)

I w-a-ke in the morning

I stre-e-e-tch to the light
(slowly stand up and reach tall with your arms extended above you)

I JUMP (jump, keeping your arms up high) to the Sun

I am ready to start my day
(bring your arms down to your sides)

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