Art Cards for "Mommy, It's a Renoir!"
updated January 5, 2020

Step One - Level 1 (Easy)

Child Size Masterpieces of Steps 1, 2, 3 - Matching, Pairing, and Sorting - Level 1 Easy

One set:

    Renoir, Auguste. A Girl With a Watering Can
    Van Gogh, Vincent. The Chair and the Pipe
    Durer, Albrecht. The Hare
    American School. General Washington on a White Charger
    Miro, Joan. Woman, bird and star
    Matisse, Henri. Pot of Geraniums

These are the sets that are completely different in every regard (artist, subject, style).

You usually only need one set of Easy cards for this step. If the child is unable to do them, set it aside for a few months. Once the child has grasped the concept, he/she will eagerly want to move on to a more challenging level.

Step One - Level 2 (Intermediate)

These are the sets that are similar either in artist or in subject or in style.

I recommend that you purchase boxes of notecards, all of the same artist, subject, or painting style. They usually come as sets of 4 each of 6 images or 3 each of 8 images.

For example, I went with the following from the Metropolitan Museum of Art:

Here are the sets I came up with:

Set One: Landscapes (Fields & Gardens)

    Monet, Claude. Haystacks (Effect of Snow and Sun)
    Monet, Claude. Poppy Field
    Hassam, Childe. Celia Thaxter's Garden, Isles of Shoals, Maine
    Levi, Julian Clarence. Garden, Camp Highwall, Lake Placid, New York
    Monet, Claude. Landscape: The Parc Monceau
    Hassam, Childe. Peach Blossoms - Villiers-le-Bel

Set Two: Landscapes (Water Scenes)

    Sargent, John Singer. Figure in Hammock, Florida
    Homer, Winslow. Flower Garden and Bungalow, Burmuda
    Prendergast, Maurice Brazil. Low Tide, Beachmont
    Monet, Claude. Les Glacons (The Ice Floes)
    Monet, Claude. Autumn Effect at Argenteuil
    Hopper, Edward. Coast Guard Station, Two Lights, Maine

Set Three: Cats

    Style of Emperor Xuanzong. Spring Play in a Tang Garden
    Foujita, Tsugouhara. Cat
    Williams, John Alonzo. The Watchful Cat
    Currier, Nathaniel. The Favorite Cat
    Steinlen, Theophile-Alexandre. Winter: Cat on a Cushion
    Ling, Zhu. Seated Cat

Set Four: Bouquets of Flowers I (assorted)

    Bonnard, Pierre. Vase of Poppies
    Style of Kitagawa Sosetsu. Red and White Poppies
    Demuth, Charles. Red Poppies
    Robbins, Ellen. Wildflowers
    La Farge, John. Nocturne
    Redon, Odilon. Bouquet of Flowers

Set Five: Bouquets of Flowers II (sunflowers and mums)

    Renoir, Pierre-Auguste. Bouquet of Chrysanthemums
    Gadesden, F. Charger
    Nolde, Emile. Large Sunflowers I
    Monet, Claude. Bouquet of Sunflowers
    van Gogh, Vincent. Sunflowers
    Kauffer, E. McKnight. Sunflowers

Step One - Level 3 (Advanced)

Child-Size Masterpieces of Steps 1, 2, 3 - Matching, Pairing, and Sorting - Level 3 Advanced

These are the sets that are all the same artist, same subject, same style. I haven't purchased any of my own cards yet but here are the ones that come in Aline D. Wolf's pack:

Artist: Redon, Odilon

    Vase with Flowers
    Bouquet of Flowers in a Green Vase
    Large Green Vase with Mixed Flowers
    Flowers in a Vase
    Vase of Flowers

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