My Reggio Emilia Library
updated March 4, 2019

Bringing Reggio Emilia Home:
An Innovative Approach to Early Childhood Education

by Louise Boyd Cadwell

The Hundred Languages of Children:
The Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education

edited by Carolyn Edwards, et al.
second edition, 1998 (the third edition is now available)

Beautiful Stuff!
Learning with Found Materials

by Cathy Weisman Topal and Lella Gandini
(both of whom I was privileged to work with when I was at Smith College)

Bringing Learning to Life:
A Reggio Approach to Early Childhood Education

by Louise Boyd Cadwell

Theater Curtain: The Ring of Transformations
edited by Vea Vecchi

Working in the Reggio Way:
A Beginner's Guide for American Teachers

by Julianne Wurm

In the Spirit of the Studio:
Learning from the Atelier of Reggio Emilia

by Lella Gandini, et al.
2005 (the second edition is now available)

Art and Creativity in Reggio Emilia:
Exploring the Role and Potential of Ateliers in Early Childhood Education

by Vea Vecchi

Loose Parts:
Inspiring Play in Young Children

by Lisa Daly and Miriam Beloglovsky

Loose Parts 2:
Inspiring Play with Infants and Toddlers

by Lisa Daly and Miriam Beloglovsky

The Language of Art:
Inquiry-Based Studio Practices in Early Childhood Settings

by Ann Pelo

The Children's Music Studio:
A Reggio-inspired Approach

by Wendell Hanna

Loose Parts 3: Inspiring Culturally Sustainable Environments

by Lisa Daly and Miriam Beloglovsky

More information on Reggio Emilia available online:

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