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updated August 18, 2019

My daughter Natalie Rose... the one who started it all... shown here in January 2007.

Personal Consulting

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I am a professional curriculum writer and homeschool consultant, and I also run Little Bluestem, a new homeschool co-op for families in Southern Illinois who are interested in progressive education. I absolutely love my job and I would be very happy to support your family on this homeschool journey!


Want suggestions tailored to your personal needs while Waldorf main lesson block planning? Try my NEW 5-day online courses for collaborative team planning as well as one-on-one support. This is the most economical way to have a homeschool consultant, since we only work together for one block.

Grade 1

Capital Letters


Grade 2

Aesop's Fables


Jataka Tales


Grade 3

Fibers & Clothing


*** NEW *** Housebuilding

special half-price offer - $12.50

Grade 4

Man and Animal


Norse Mythology



I offer several personal consulting services for homeschooling families as well as Waldorf teachers. Why settle for a pre-packaged curriculum? Get a curriculum that's tailored to your family's needs, budget, and schedule. Get the support you need and a school year designed for your child!

My pricing is below; however, if necessary, I will arrange a sliding scale fee that works with your budget. I prefer PayPal but also accept money order or barter.

I do occasionally write custom main lesson blocks for families requesting a unique topic. The pricing for this varies; contact me for more information. I also offer workshops on progressive education. Contact me to discuss my speaking fee for schools and homeschool co-ops.

Option #1 - Phone Consultation Package

Every Phone Consultation Package includes TWO phone calls. Just $40.00.

After our initial phone conversation I will organize a list of all of my recommendations for you, with links, on a personal webpage with a unique web address. Then you'll get a second phone call to follow up and answer additional questions and provide suggestions, after you've had time to read the information and reflect.

This service is ideal for brand-new Waldorf families who are facing setting up family rhythms, designing the homeschool space, determining which grade level is best for their child, learning about main lesson books and watercolor painting and form drawing and other Waldorf-specific techniques, etc.

If you have a lot of initial questions, or you feel completely lost, a phone consultation is efficient and will immediately help you to feel supported.

You may continue to purchase phone consulting, TWO phone calls at a time, for as long as you'd like, and I will continue to update your webpage with new suggestions as your children grow older.

Option #2 - Annual Lending Library Card

ONE YEAR of privileges at my extensive curriculum Lending Library (this includes Steiner/Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, Sudbury, Montessori and parenting books). Click on the links to the left to browse.

Just $36.00. That's only $3.00 a month, and less than ten cents a day!

If you want to teach using the Waldorf method but your budget or space for curriculum materials is limited, or you don't want to buy something you'll only need for one main lesson block, this is perfect for you! It is also helpful if you are looking at Waldorf books online and can't decide, and you simply want to see a book for yourself before you buy it.

When you borrow books from me, we split the cost of the shipping. I pay to mail the books to you. You keep and use them for one month, and then pay to mail the books back to me.

Option #3 - School Year Curriculum Package

Includes all of the above... a one hour initial phone consultation + a follow up phone call... plus one full year of privileges at my extensive curriculum Lending Library... plus a complete curriculum plan and unlimited email support throughout the school year.

The complete curriculum plan for the current or upcoming year including the list of main lesson blocks which I recommend for your unique child, plus a booklist of recommended resources for all the main lesson blocks, links to free information, useful materials which you can find for free at your local library, and custom pages on the website where all the information is organized and right at your fingertips.

I do all the research and all the organizing work for you! You can just dive into the teaching! And, don't forget, you can borrow curriculum books from my Waldorf library if you prefer not to purchase them.

So, are you craving a Waldorf school year which is all planned out for you and personalized for your family?

For Early Childhood, the school year curriculum package is $150.00.

For the Grades, the school year curriculum package is $250.00.


  • a one hour initial phone consultation (and a FREE follow-up call),
  • an entire year of borrowing privileges from my extensive lending library,
  • concrete help with daily/weekly rhythms,
  • a customized year-long curriculum plan and schedule of main lesson blocks,
  • a resource list for every one of the main lesson blocks for the school year,
  • unlimited FREE email support,
  • and a personalized section of the website - a project which we will create and update together - full of information, links, pictures, recommendations, and helpful suggestions for your family.

    See sample webpages - Kindergarten

School Year Curriculum Package
Child's Age

I offer discounts for families with multiple children; please contact me for a quote. I will also arrange the school year plan so that main lesson block topics which work well together are taught at the same time.

Not sure 100% sure about Waldorf?

I also work with families following traditional models, or families who are blending multiple approaches. I welcome the opportunity to work with your unique family!

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my materials for free. Any extra revenue is used as our homeschool budget for the month. Thank you for your support!

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