Seeds for Your Dye Garden
updated February 14, 2010

Download our handy Dye Garden spreadsheet to help keep track of seeds ordered (includes all the plants listed below), planting dates, germination dates, results of your dye experiments, and more!

Sources for Seeds

Galium verum - Chiltern Seeds

Rubia tinctorum - Horizon Herbs
* organic

Cosmos sulphureus - American Meadows

Coreopsis tinctoria - American Meadows

Coreopsis grandiflora - American Meadows
Early Sunrise

Dahlia - American Meadows

Tagetes erecta - American Meadows

Chrysanthemum coronarium - Chiltern Seeds

Solidago - Chiltern Seeds
Golden Baby

Tanacetum vulgare - The Herb Garden
* organic

Rudbeckia - American Meadows

Anthemis tinctoria - Thompson & Morgan

Helianthus annuus - American Meadows
Autumn Beauty

Helianthus annuus - American Meadows
Velvet Queen
* organic

Helianthus annuus - Seeds of Change
Hopi Black Dye
* organic

Achillea - Thompson & Morgan
Summer Berries

Zinnia elegans - American Meadows

Hibiscus - Park Seed
Southern Belle

Hibiscus - Burpee
Lord Baltimore
sold as a plant only

Alcea rosea - The Herb Garden
* organic

Ocimum basilicum - Pase Seeds
Purple Ruffles

Hypericum perforatum - The Herb Garden
* organic

Lythrum salicaria - The Herb Garden
* organic

Foeniculum vulgare - The Herb Garden
* organic

Origanum majorana - Sand Mountain Herbs

Humulus lupulus - Chiltern Seeds

Lepidium ruderale - B & T World Seeds

Andropogon scoparius - Chiltern Seeds

Genista tinctoria - Companion Plants

Reseda luteola - Companion Plants

Indigofera suffruticosa - Companion Plants
sold as a plant only

Polygonum tinctorium - Elizabeth Merrill
Seeds as well as additional information on using this plant for dyeing
(sold out for 2010)

Polygonum tinctorium - Saith Ffynnon Wildlife Plants

Isatis tinctoria - Companion Plants

Note: Pinetree Garden Seeds also has a special category on their website devoted to "Dyeing Herbs"

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