Verses are lovely for transitioning into different activities. Here are some of our favorites:


Crayon Drawing

    "Coloring Verse"

    There is a golden castle,
    As golden as the day,
    But only with our crayons
    Can we find the way, for,
    Red is the King,
    Blue is the Queen,
    Snow White is their baby,
    The Hunter is green,
    Purple the mountains
    Where the Seven Dwarfs dwell,
    Orange-gold the treasure,
    They dig and delve.

    from A Child's Seasonal Treasury, page 23

    "Colorful Journeying"

    With my crayons I will go,
    Journeying o'er the bright rainbow,
    Red and yellow, green and blue,
    Orange and purple, that will do,
    Now let's see where they take me to.

    from A Child's Seasonal Treasury, page 23

Beeswax Modeling


    Busy little bee!
    Wax you've made for me.
    What I'll make we'll see.

    from A Child's Seasonal Treasury, page 29

Watercolor Painting

    Now I take the brush so gently
    In my hand with loving care
    Watch the color flow so softly
    On the paper clean and clear.

    from Verses and Songs (online)

    "Rainbow Fairy Ring"

    Rainbow Fairies sing
    In my Rainbow Fairy ring.
    The colors that you bring
    Together they will sing
    In my Rainbow Fairy Ring!

    from A Child's Seasonal Treasury, page 25

Form Drawing

Cooking and Baking

    Bless the food that I now take,
    Bless my hands that I may make
    Something good to cook or bake.

    from A Child's Seasonal Treasury, page 30


    Train your hands
    Make busy your arms
    Practice the clear power of thought
    With the warm-heartedness of art
    In your hand sleeps the spirit

    from Knitted Animals, page 11

    "The Little Men"

    Oh! Where are the merry, merry little men
    To join us in our play?
    And where are the busy, busy little men
    To help us work today?
    Upon each hand a little band
    For work or play is ready.
    The first to come
    Is Master Thumb;
    Then Pointer, strong and steady;
    Then Tall Man high;
    And just close by
    The Feeble Man doth linger;
    And last of all, so fair and small,
    The baby -- Little Finger.
    Yes! Here are the merry, merry little men,
    To join us in our play;
    And here are the busy, busy little men,
    To help us work today.

    from A Child's Seasonal Treasury, page 26

    "My Two Hands"

    I have two hands
    And fingers ten,
    I am the King
    And they are my men.
    When my teacher shows me
    The work that I must do,
    The King can surely go
    And all of his men, too!

    from A Child's Seasonal Treasury, page 26

Mealtime Blessings

    Within the bread is the flour.
    The flour is from the mill.
    The grain is from the sun and rain,
    And Mother Nature's will.

    shared by Maria


    A star for you to wish on,
    A sun so warm and bright,
    A moon for you to sleep on,
    Happy dreams,
    A kiss goodnight.

    shared by Joy
    (she "draws" the star, the sun, the moon on her child's back)

    (for the parent, to say it with the child after age three)

    From my head to my feet,
    I'm the image of God
    From my heart to my hands,
    His own breath do I feel.
    When I speak with my mouth
    I shall follow God's will
    When I see and know God
    In Father and Mother
    In all loving people, in beats and flower,
    in trees, plants, and stones,
    Then no fear shall I feel,
    only love then fills me
    for all that is around me.

    - by Rudolf Steiner

    from Waldorf Clearing House Newsletter, Spring 1978 (online)

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