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FREE RESOURCES which support families on the path to Waldorf education
updated August 26, 2023

This section is where we share online resources which are completely free. The only cost to you will be printing them out (if you so choose). Know of one? Email me.

Watercolor Painting blog


Waldorf Today
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Juniper Tree School of Puppetry Arts - Suzanne Down
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*NEW* American Journal of Play
excellent peer reviewed academic journal with research on the value of play
past and current issues available online for free - sign up for emails when the new one comes out!

*NEW* SchoolArts magazine
the best magazine I've found for art teachers - unique high-quality lessons
past and current issues available online for free - sign up for emails when the new one comes out!

Handwork for Homeschoolers
notes from my handwork classes for the Elementary

How to Make Waldorf-Inspired Nature Blocks
free tutorial from Adventure in a Box (early childhood - creative play)

DIY Dyed Rainbow "Grimm" Style Wooden Blocks
easy instructions from Fun at Home with Kids (early childhood - creative play)

Child-Size Ironing Board Tutorial
from Duo Fiberworks (early childhood - creative play)

FREE Resources - Arts & Handwork blog post

Soul of Discipline - Kim John Payne
free online video series (adolescence - parenting)

Lazure Painting article

A Grain a Day article

Form Drawing for Better Handwriting curriculum

Morning Verse for Lower Grades
by Rudolf Steiner

Morning Verse for Upper Grades
by Rudolf Steiner

Several works by Steiner provided free online:

*NEW* AMAZING collection of Waldorf books available online for FREE
The online Waldorf library has 200+ books converted into PDF ebooks available for download.
A fantastic project of the Research Institute for Waldorf Education.

Waldorf Today Gallery of Main Lesson Book Pages - Elementary School
Beautiful and inspiring

Gallery of Chalkboard Drawings in the Waldorf Classroom grades 1 - 8

available online for free - with step by step directions and illustrations

Waldorf Inspirations Gallery (grades 1-8)

Browse through my collection of Pinterest Boards with samples of chalkboard drawings and main lesson book pages for many blocks

Waldorf Teacher Resources: Towards Sustainability in Teaching
Main Lesson Pages, Lesson Plans & More - An unbelievable resource with FREE main lesson pages and lesson plans (called "gems")

Make Your Own Chalkboard Tutorial

From the Stockmar website, creativity tips / lesson plans for different techniques using


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