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Lazure Painting
updated June 16, 2016

Below is a summary of an old conversation and information shared between Waldorf Curriculum members on our Yahoo Group regarding Lazure painting; if you have any additional links, photographs, or tips on techniques to share, please email me.

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Here are the more recent resources I have found:

i have three kids ages 2 yr 4 yr and 6 yr. they share a plyroom which also doubles aqs a schoolroom. we all 5 (hubby and i and kids) share a "sleeping room" i want to do some lazure painting in our home and im wondering about the colors to do. i know i always see/hear that in classrooms the color is usually peach. but are there other colors that help fullfill the task of that room? like our shared bedroom- what is the approprite- if there is one- color for that room? does it matter that we have mixed ages sharing the space? how about a living room- is there a color we could use to help it feel loving and warm there? i know with regular paint what to choose to help convey these things,but i know nothing about lazure, would this work the same way? i have seen lots of pics of lazure and its a rainbow type mix- i like that very much, would that be appropriate in the playroom/schoolroom- or should i stick with peach? also after a serface is painted can i seal it with beeswax? or something else? otherwise id be touching up ALL the time! thanks guys! jen:)

Hi Jen. this won't help you with technique, but here are some pictures of color choices including a children's play room and a sleeping room: Rhoda

i love these thanks! do you think a more colorful lazure wall is appropriate, or would that disturb the children?

Hi, i went to a lecture on Lazure given by Charles Andrade He is an artist who painted our entire waldorf school in the Roaring Fork Valley, CO using the Lazure method. I asked him your same question about color choice for kids. Each classroom in our Waldorf school is painted a different color cooresponding to the age of the children... (with the peach color only in the kinderhouse) I wanted to know if he thought a kindergarden age child would benifit with their play room or bedroom in the cooresponding peach color. He said that for an individual child rather than a whole class of kids that he would choose a color that resonates with the child rather than picking a color that is typically associated with waldorf ages. He also spoke of the different influences of different colors on different temperments of children. Interesting thing to read up on. (he had color theory books) He said that, for example, a blue will have different effects depending on the shade of blue (cool blue v warm blue) on different children. So maybe read a bit of color theory and choose a color and shade that seem to fit with and your childs temperment. Carrie

thanks, thats just what i was wanting to know! now if i can figure out a color that will work well for all THREE of my kids in the same room! :) ill read up on the color theory, thanks so much! :)

I don’t know very much about this either…but I think it’s the opposite of how you would assume the colors affect the kids…like red - Okay I just went and looked it up- From Beyond the Rainbow Bridge: “Since the inner experience of color is much stronger in children, we can use it therapeutically. If we dress a withdrawn child in blue, she will feel the liveliness of the blue compliment, orange. Red overalls on a hyperactive child will help her feel the quietness of the compliment, green. …also points to the importance of resting places for the eye, where we can inwardly recreate what we have seen. In the Waldorf Early Education classroom, therefore, we do not decorate the walls with many pictures and posters. Some wall space is left open where our vision can rest, free of over-stimulating images…” Interesting… Emily

Hi everyone Im working on our school room and will be using a lazure technique on the walls. I have only managed to find bits and pieces on how to do it, no real instructions and there are no books etc you have to take a class it seems. Ill figure it out as I go along, Im pretty good in this area. I will be using a much cheaper way I have heard about, using acrylic paints instead. Anyhow, If anyones interested I can post instructions after Ive finished it in a few weeks. Until then, I found a link to the colors used by grade in the Waldorf schools which might be of some help to you on choosing colors. Good luck :) Ellen

very interesting. i just recently heard the theory about colors that you where talking about. all ive ever heard was that cool blues and greens make you calm and relaxed. while reds oranges make you excited. so if you are withdrawn you should paint your walls blue. my whole life i have kept cool blue around me, trying to elicite some calm peace, but i dont think it has worked for me, funny though, i have always wanted to paint my walls orange or lemon yellow. i never have- i thought that if i did i would end up a nervouse reck! hahaha! well im not painting my walls orange just yet- not all of them anyway- but i am working in warm colors now! :) well, i will keep reading and see what else i can find out about this, thanks for the help! thanks --jen:)

I have also been wanting to do some lazure painting. Here are some sites I found that might help: You have to dig around, but they do have the traditional technique on it somewhere (may be on the companion site). You may have to choose some contemporary substitutes for some of the materials (I can't find the bees wax primer and I live in a city of over 4 million).

This is the only site I have found with any real details on the How To:
some inspirational photos
Carry some of the traditional supplies

Bob and Nancy's bookstore also has a book or two with the technique. You can send an email and ask. they are always very quick to get back to you. Please let us know what you do and how it turns out. Maybe a photo or two posted???

oh great thanks! i will be looking at all of these! im so excited to do this!! i will definitly put pics up!! thanks-jen:)

I wonder how many of us are painting (or will be inspired to, after learning more about color theory)? anyway, I found a picture on Sarah Baldwin's site of her homeschool classroom.

and also, while looking at Bob & Nancy's in the Early Childhood category I found that In a Nutshell by Nancy Foster contains a section on color in the classroom. does anyone have this book and can share what it says?

ok, so if i use water colors to do this lazure, i want each layer to dry before i go to the next layer- or not? am i going to have decent results using water color, instead of the beeswax glaze and plant stuff, and minerals, and what not?oh, i think it was a different site than this,where someone gave instructionss for the water colors, have any of you attempted lazure with water colors? thanks --jen:)

more links. there are so many now I'm compiling a list to put on the website, so it's all in one place... keep sending them in! also photos when they are available.
watercolor walls

so who has actually done lazure? (where they talk about how hard it is to find actual directions on this technique!)

what is lazure? (history)

Yes, each layer dries. The removal process gets it pretty close so it doesn't take long. I learned a little about it by jumping in on painting a local school. We used acrylic color with water. I think they used Behr primer and binder.

I've been looking for resources on color theory and anthroposophy; The Anthroposophical System has this to say about Steiner's work on color theory:
    "Steiner did not write a colour theory as such, although in a number of lectures and essays in which material relating to Goethe's theory was included he did describe a few principles on how the phenomenon of colour can be interpreted. These principles are closely associated with his philosophical and spiritual theories. The corner stones of the anthroposophical approach to colour can be found in three lectures in particular held in May of 1921, in Dornach. Along with other writings, they are included in the volume The Essence of Colours."

Amazon carries Goethe's book Theory of Colors; also a book edited by someone else called Goethe's Color Theory. I didn't find The Essence of Colours online in the RSA archive (or at Amazon -- does anyone know of a source?) but I did find this interesting article while searching for "the essence of colors" + Steiner on Google:

Bob & Nancy's Bookshop carries an excellent selection of books on art inspired by anthroposophy, including color theory, painting therapy, and several books by Rudolf Steiner on this subject.

Colour: Twelve Lectures
by Rudolf Steiner

Sarah Baldwin has just written a small publication with written directions on lazure painting. It sells for $5.00. For more information, contact her.

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