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Form Drawing for Better Handwriting
updated May 13, 2016

This wonderful two volume series by Joen Gladich and Paula A. Sassi is available through Bob & Nancy's Bookshop (now Waldorf Books).

My notes are suggestions for stories for the homeschooling teacher to accompany Volume 1 (Volume 1 is the form drawing volume; Volume 2 introduces the formation of cursive lowercase letters). These are the stories I will be using this school year as we try out the series.

There are 25 running forms in Volume 1 and I have given a suggested story for each.

The Grimm's fairy tale collection is used rather heavily, as well as a selection of multicultural stories. As always, please feel free to make substitutions from your own library. And don't forget to share your story ideas with the Waldorf Curriculum Yahoo Group.

Don't forget to also visit my Fairy Tale Notes page for puppetry, songs, games, crafts, and more ideas for a number of fairy tales.


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(not including The "Write" Approach: Form Drawing for Better Handwriting volume 1 & 2)

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