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World Geography & Economics
updated July 5, 2022

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This page has helpful links and LOADS of free resources to help you plan your eighth grade year. Enjoy!

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World Geography & Economics
for Class 8


This block is something I read about years and years ago when first researching Waldorf, but I've never written anything up about it -- or planned it or taught it -- because I couldn't wrap my mind around it. It was just too general and too nebulous of a topic.

The one time I taught World Geography (the Quick & Dirty version) to one of my eighth grade daughters, we actually did World Geography in terms of hot button topics in the upcoming presidential election. It worked out really well, in fact!

Resources for World Geography

MLB Pages - World Geography

However, if you did want to put a more focused Economic spin on it, I have now come to an idea. Cars.

You could just study one item -- cars -- and that would allow you to learn all about the raw materials (steel, iron, plastic, aluminum, copper, glass, and so on), transportation of products between countries (shipping, railway), pricing (profit and loss, currency exchange rates), whatever is happening in the oil market, where the precious metals used in electronics come from, and more.

Cars are also interesting and fun, and if you've never learned anything about the internal combustion engine, now would be an excellent time to do it! Physics!!! Plus, your child is likely going to be learning to drive in a few years, so it's a high-interest topic.

The idea of Cars as a main focus in World Geography & Economics came into my head when I was watching yet another program by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. It was the episode where they travel across Mongolia. They were miserable (the only time I've seen Jeremy Clarkson more miserable and discouraged was when he was filming "A Chopper Is Born") but boy the scenery was fantastic!

So I thought I'd begin with a list of episodes (of that show or of anything) where you get a really good sense of the place. And then I can come up with a main lesson block from there.

I think this will go well with 8th grade History, too, because you'll be doing the Gold Rush, WWI and WWII, and other factors that will play into World Economics very nicely. But you could wait until High School if you feel that your child needs to be older to do this topic because of its complexity.

You would also have to decide how you feel about the adult language that's used on these shows.

Of course, the world economic environment is rapidly changing so any notes will become obsolete. If you are teaching this, part of what your child will be researching is what is happening right NOW.

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