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American History Booklist
updated July 1, 2022

This page has helpful links and LOADS of free resources to help you plan your eighth grade year. Enjoy!

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American History Booklist
for Class 8

Other Helpful Resources

available online for free - with step by step directions and illustrations

What are the best children's books on the Second World War?
The Guardian

When should my kids read 'Maus'? How parents can help children learn about the Holocaust.
The Washington Post

Booklist in Chronological Order

I'm preparing some notes for covering this topic with my eighth grade mostly-unschooling daughter. (She's doing a ton of cool things including private lessons in yoga, art, machine sewing, and Spanish. She's also volunteering in the community, taking a cultural studies class, and spending time working on an organic vegetable farm each week.)

Our plan for this school year is to do The Age of Revolution formally, with an MLB, and the remainder of American History informally, with a historical fiction booklist. Becca loves to read, so she's very excited!

I welcome suggestions for excellent titles (either picture or chapter books) which I have missed.

I also highly recommend, for the mighty task of bringing students up to the present day, Linda Rice's What Was It Like: Teaching History and Culture through Young Adult Literature. It is a fantastic resource for multi-faceted literature studies throughout the year.

What Was It Like: Teaching History and Culture through Young Adult Literature






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