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Foods of the World
updated January 2, 2024

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Foods of the World
for Class 3

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Check out my Foods of the World blog post for the reasoning behind this block and my detailed initial brainstorming for it. By having it as a blog post, people can comment and share recipe ideas.

I absolutely LOVE the idea of getting a Scratch Off World Map Poster to do instead of a MLB for this block. We will scratch off each country from which we make a recipe!

I'll track of what we make below (note: this became a two year long project). There are LOTS more recipes included in my brainstorm than were possible, but I still had a great time finding them!

2021-2022 School Year

Tuesday, Oct 12

    since this block is by student request, we started by answering her first question:
    what does kosher mean?

    taste a matzo cracker

    open up our new map!


Thursday, Oct 14

Monday, Oct 18

Tuesday, Oct 19

Wednesday, Oct 20

Thursday, Oct 21

Monday, Oct 25

Tuesday, Oct 26

    find Egypt on our map

    make Hummus
    with ground sumac (available at the Co-op)

Wednesday, Oct 27


Wednesday, Nov 3

Thursday, Nov 4

Monday, Nov 8

Tuesday, Nov 9

Wednesday, Nov 10

Monday, Nov 15


Tuesday, Nov 16

Wednesday, Nov 17

Thursday, Nov 18

Monday, Dec 6

Wednesday, Dec 8

Monday, Dec 13

Tuesday, Dec 14

Friday, Dec 17

Tuesday, Jan 4

Wednesday, Jan 5

Tuesday, Jan 18

Wednesday, Jan 29

2022-2023 School Year


Sunday, Sep 11

    we begin the year with the United States of America and some local foods

    forage for pawpaws (on a friend's property)

    Pawpaw Recipes
    blog post

Monday, Sep 12

Tuesday, Sep 13

Tuesday, Sep 20

Thursday, Oct 13

Wednesday, Oct 19

Thursday, Nov 10

Monday, Nov 14

    discover that the U.S. Virgin Islands are too small to be on the scratch-off map of the world

    make Fungi (foon-gee), featured in the book Turtle Knows Your Name by Ashley Bryan

Tuesday, Nov 15


Wednesday, Nov 16

Monday, Nov 28

Wednesday, Dec 7

Saturday, Dec 17 - Friday, Dec 30

Monday, Jan 2


Monday, May 1

Tuesday, May 2

Wednesday, May 3

    find Russia on our map

    start Beet Kvass
    (which takes two weeks to ferment; we will taste it on the last day of school)

Monday, May 8

Tuesday, May 16

Thursday, May 18

Friday, May 19

    find Japan on our map

    have a mochi party!

Because our homeschool co-op is a mixed age environment, sometimes not much time passes before we go through a block again. My son Zac is taking two years to do Third Grade, and so we plan to revisit the Foods of the World, going through three continents each year once again! We are excited!

Note: This time around, instead of doing a scratch-off world map for the classroom wall, I'm printing off b&w outline maps for each child to color in. I like this website for free PDF maps for each continent.

2021-2022 School Year


Thursday, Dec 14

Monday, Jan 1

AFRICA - Feb & Mar


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