Summer Camp: Housebuilding

These are my initial brainstorming notes; once the lesson plans and booklist are complete they will be available for download.

Farming, Gardening, Housebuilding by Roy Wilkinson
The Hand-Sculpted House: A Philosophical and Practical Guide to Building a Cob Cottage

cob wall/bench/oven -- bake bread? Build Your Own Earth Oven

houses from around the world, focus on Native Americans, using natural resources in week 1, Native Dwellings series by Bonnie Shemie
create shelters from what you can find -- would they let us do a sleepover on the last night?

nine total days
cob in week 2

mini brick kit

bird nests -- how do birds build shelters -- hunting for materials, construction methods...
bird egg feather nest by MaryJo Koch

building an igloo

WEEK ONE - Native Dwellings series by Bonnie Shemie, create shelters out of natural materials, sleepover?

    Houses of hide and earth: Plains Indians

    Houses of bark: Woodland Indians

    Houses of snow, skin and bones: the Far North

    Houses of wood: the Northwest Coast

I do not own Houses of adobe or Mounds of earth and shell but would like to get them for week 2

children of the earth and sky, native american legends, tales from the igloo

sugar cube igloo


day 1 - clay
day 2 - bark paintings with pokeberry ink - The Lion and the Little Red Bird
day 3 - sugar cube igloo
day 4 - northeast indians?

Building an Indian House by William H. Hancock - weekend field trip to Jefferson Patterson Park?

WEEK TWO - Build Your Own Earth Oven
Summer: Nature Activities for Children - exploration of the four elements

mini brick kit?

Pogo's House: the story of lumber (modern times)
lincoln logs?

I'd love to have a plumber come in and demonstrate some plumbing fittings - plumbing sculpture art piece?

an electrician for electricity experiments?
Things People Do

A Grain a Day - rice, corn, wheat, barley, rye, millet, oats
explore in preparation for baking in our oven!

The Little Red Hen, Sun Bread, dough dragons from All Year Round, Pancakes Pancakes, Walter the Baker

Corn Belt Harvest
corn husk dolls - corn stories from An Herbal Summer

Plains Indian Fry Bread

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