Summer Camp: Fables

These are my initial brainstorming notes; once the lesson plans and booklist are complete they will be available for download.

Fox and Grapes -- illus from Donna's book, crayon drawing lessons
see also notes from Live Ed drawing book - lion - Lion and the Mouse?
introduce form drawing - more complicated forms next block in Ancient Civ.
Beginning with Form Drawing

Drawing from the Book of Nature - also for farming - plant illus?

fables are short and have only a few characters, break out groups, performances
sewing, costumes, improv?
notes from Misty

shadow puppets are a must

books from Ann Scopel -

needle felting, puppetry?
movable pictures from The Children's Year to tell simple stories - wet felting play mat with slit like Suzanne Down's (puppetry apron) to put puppets through

dollmaking - Soul Mate Dolls, paper dolls, Japanese paper dolls.... ?

for this we have GOT to do main lesson books

I ordered the Coloring with Block Crayons book for this camp as well

ten total days

The Crow and the Pitcher would be great for a hand puppet

marionettes - dye silks - Toymaking with Children

Draft Booklist

    Be Nice to Spiders - use to introduce topic, stories with a moral

    The Fox That Wanted Nine Golden Tails - read aloud over the course of five afternoons
    (week 1)

    The Three Questions - final story of week 2

    The Hermit and the Well

    If You Have Two Loaves of Bread, Sell One and Buy a Lily: And Other Proverbs of China

    Kindness: A Treasury of Buddhist Wisdom for Children and Parents - Jataka tales

    • The Elephant and the Wind, page 12
    • The Noble Ibex, page 25
    • The Quarrelsome Quails, page 55
    • The Old Teacher's Test, page 73
    • The Dung Beetle, page 89
    • The Monkey King, page 101
    • Great Joy the Ox, page 111
    • The Prince and the Monster, page 123
    • The Scared Little Rabbit, page 144

    As My Heart Awakes by Arthur M. Pittis, fable list on page 104

    • The Ant and the Grasshopper
    • At the Lion's Den
    • Bell the Cat
    • The Banyan Deer
    • The Boy and the Nuts
    • The Chimp and the Dolphin
    • The Danger of Knowing How to Read
    • The Dog and the Porcupine
    • The Fox in the Grapes
    • The Frog in the Pail of Cream - make butter
    • The Gnat and the Lion
    • The Jackass in the Lion's Skin
    • The Lion and the Mouse
    • The Miller Who Tried to Please Everybody
    • The Miser
    • The Proud Bull-Frog
    • The Turtle Who Talked Too Much
    • Why the Cat and Dog Are Enemies
    • The Wolf and the Watchdog

    When I Hear My Heart Wonder by Arthur M. Pittis, fable list on page 129

    • The Blue Jackal
    • The Cat and the Fox
    • The Crow and the Jug
    • The Falcon and the Rooster
    • The Groom Who Curried Favor
    • The Hole in the Granary Floor
    • The Jackal Who Tried to Be a Lion
    • The Lion's Skin
    • Misuse of a Name
    • The Quartet
    • The Rabbit and the Lioness
    • The Ridiculous Donkey
    • The Three Fishes
    • The Wolf and the Hermit

    The Key of the Kingdom: A Book of Stories and Poems for Children

    • The Sheepdog, page 17
    • The Stag, the Hare and the Donkey, page 18
    • The Eagle, page 18 (illus. in LMNOP)
    • The Town Mouse & the Country Mouse, page 19
    • The Miller, His Son and Their Ass, page 29
    • The Wind and the Sun, page 31

    Drawing With Your Four to Eleven Year Old by Christopherus Homeschool Resources

    Drawing Simple Animal Forms by Live Education!
    choose fables based on drawings, getting more complex as time goes on - animal list

      archetypal forms -
        circle, oval, egg, inverted teardrop, paisley
        triangle, flattened triangle, pear, kidney
        square, rectangle, cylinders


      full color drawings: owl, fish, heron, deer, cow. elephant. lioness, lion, horse, zebra, buffalo

      animal heads: deer, fox, lion, lioness, mouse, cow, hippo, bear

Live Ed illus. book determines fables chosen and order - as follows

    Day 2 - Birds from Eggs and Ovals, page 5

    Day 3 - Oval and Kidney Forms, page 7

    Day 4 - Canine and Rodent, page 9

    Day 5 - The Fox and the Grapes from Donna Simmons' book
    Drawing with Your Four to Eleven Year Old

    Day 6 - Animal Heads, page 11

    Day 7 - Cow, page 12 & Goat, Sheep and Pig, page 13

    Day 8 - Monkey and Elephant, page 15

    Day 9 - Lions, page 16

    Day 10 - Horses, page 20

full color/teacher illustrations -

    Monday - front cover (buffalo)
    Tuesday - p.4 (owl and moon)
    Wednesday - p.6 (fish)
    Thursday - p.8 (great blue heron)
    Friday - D dragon, E eagle, F firebird, G goose from LMNOP

    Monday - p.10 (deer in the forest)
    Tuesday - p.12 (cow)
    Wednesday - p.14 (elephant)
    Thursday - p.17 (lioness) & p.18 (lion)
    Friday - p.20 (horse) & p.22 (zebra)

This one is complicated because I also have to put the drama/puppetmaking skills in a reasonable order of skill progression. We have Art and Drama both going on. Once I know the skills for each day, I can choose the best stories. I'd also like to choose fables to accompany our cooking activities, if possible (like The Frog in the Pail of Cream = buttermaking). So three fables for each day.

You really can't start with the stories first!!!

puppetry wishlist - shadow puppets, marionettes, hand puppets, finger puppets, wet and dry felting, paper scenes (moving pictures and tissue paper transparencies)

plus full costumes, scripts and dramatic reenactments, and some improv

plus crayon drawing

and I want some useful handwork projects unrelated to the subject at hand, to give the kids a break from all this storytelling

oh, and astronomy

it always seems like the topics which initally look like you'll have the hardest time filling up all those hours get full the fastest!

at the very simplest level, three fables per day = 30 fables

although, I guess that if we did a set of skits towards the end each group would do their own - can we have a parent performance day on Saturday? the stage at Annmarie Garden? days 9 & 10

oh, here's another one. I was just reading Becca a bedtime poem from Eric Carle's Animals Animals and remembered... tissue paper collage! there's more to doing animals in art than just their shapes. coloring matters too - camouflage... I love Mister Seahorse for this

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