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Man and Animal
updated August 26, 2023

Recorded here is my own personal collection of articles, resources, favorite links, teaching ideas, and lesson plans. It encompasses many years, from the very beginning of my experience studying and learning about Waldorf to the present time. People from all around the world visit my site and recommend it to others. Welcome!

This site records my journey. I hope my honesty is encouraging and helps break down some barriers that may prevent people from trying Waldorf methods. Because this is an ongoing site documenting my curriculum planning and ideas, some materials are more Waldorf-y than others. Please feel free to take what you like and leave the rest.

This page has helpful links and LOADS of free resources to help you plan your fourth grade year. Enjoy!

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Man and Animal I & II (Zoology)
for Class 4

Waldorf Main Lesson Block Planning: Man and Animal

Join a community of fellow homeschoolers planning this exact same main lesson block for plenty of help and support. This course is aimed at homeschoolers who are already familiar with the Waldorf method, but would appreciate extra feedback and encouragement in planning this block.

Make friends and ask specfic questions of an experienced Waldorf homeschool teacher and consultant as you work through this inspiring, do-able, step by step course. Just $30.00!

How Waldorf Teaches Zoology - NEW blog post, especially helpful if you are only able to allot one block to this topic and/or you want to buy the minimum number of books.

Man and Animal one block notes (PDF)

Pinterest - Renee Schwartz
My curated collection of visuals! Browse sample main lesson book pages, watercolor paintings, chalkboard drawings, etc. for Man and Animal. Find a TON of animal art ideas!!!!!!

FREE eBooks at the Online Waldorf Library
Excellent resource! Published Waldorf curriculum books provided here in PDF format for you to download, keep, and read... for free!

    Learning about the World through Modeling by Arthur Auer, pp.76-84

      The Basic Exercise
      The Human Figure in Clay
      Human Forms in Our Hands: Small Format, Larger Format
      Geometry of the Human Form: Round, Elongated, Straight
      Human and Animal Compared in Basic Form and Gesture: Small Format
      Animal Studies, Gestures, and Habitats
      Animals Arising out of Hand Forms
      Moving Animal Forms into Clay
      Archetypical Animal Forms (lion, bison, bear, horse)
      Changing Gestures and Asymmetry
      Animal Form Grouping
      Bear in a Cave
      Bird in a Nest
      Mouse by its Hole
      More Animal Themes for You to Work out on Your Own

    Painting in Waldorf Education by Dick Bruin and Attie Lichthart, pp.86-91

      specific indications for octopus, jellyfish, fish, cow, eagle

      they say to wait until a later grade for squirrel, fox, mouse, lion, elephant, camel

      they say to do some things as drawing instead of painting
      "Horns, beard, tail, neck, mane, and hoofs are best done justice in the drawing lessons after proper observation."

Sample Lessons and Free Curriculum

Other Helpful Resources

available online for free - with step by step directions and illustrations

If you want to get an ant farm when you study the social insects... I like sand better than gel because you can clean the habitat and put in fresh sand and reuse it after your first round of ants dies off. Plus you get to feed the ants, and giving animals food and water is part of caretaking!

Zac's Birthday Ant Farm blog post
May 2020

Monarch Conservation webinar series - Monarch Joint Venture

The Old Oak Tree's Last Dream by Hans Christian Anderson (mayfly)


by Deborah Hodge


by Rudyard Kipling
(the mongoose would be an interesting carnivore to study!)

Marsha Johnson recommends Animals: 1,419 Copyright-Free Illustrations of Mammals, Birds, Fish, Insects, etc

Animal Architects: Amazing Animals Who Build Their Homes

by Daniel Nassar & Julio Antonio Blasco
caddis fly, Monarch butterfly, termite, leafcutter ant, beaver, gladiator flog, honeybee, African tree frog, spider, white stork, chimpanzee, satin bowerbird, hummingbird

*NEW* I was so excited to find out that Thornton Burgess's excellent book, The Burgess Animal Book for Children, is in the public domain. All of the chapters are available on Librivox as free recordings read by volunteers!

Drawing from the Book of Nature by Dennis Klocek has drawing lessons and factual entries for the following animals:

    Chapter 5 - The Animal World
    ant, wasp, katydid, grasshopper, praying mantis
    series on p.34: egg/seed, larva/leaf, pupa/bud, butterfly/flower

    Chapter 6 - Lower Animals
    The Earthworm, p.36
    Coelenterates, p.38
    Mollusks, p.40 - Gastropod, The Cephalopods, The Acephalas

    Chapter 7 - The Social Insects
    Wasp, p.50 - wasp gall, wasp eggs on a caterpillar, mud dauber, wasp nest

      the jewel wasp and the parasitoid wasp

    The Honeybee, p.53 - nectary, honey stomach, pollen basket, larva, bee bread, queen laying eggs, queen cell, young queen, worker, queen, drone

    Chapter 8 - Introduction to the Higher Animals
    The Wren, p.64
    Bald Eagle, p.66
    The Duck, p.69
    The Owl, p.72

    Chapter 9 - The Ungulates
    The Cattle, p.75
    The Deer, p.78
    The Pig, p.81
    The Horse, p.83

    Chapter 10 - The Carnivores
    The Dogs, p.88
    The Cats, p.92
    The Lion, p.93
    The Domestic Cat, p.95

Painting and Drawing in Waldorf Schools: Classes 1-8 by Thomas Wildgruber has several paintings:

  • octopus, p.206
  • cow, p.207
  • lion, p.208
  • eagle, p.209
  • horse, p.210
  • donkey, p.211
  • goats, p.212
  • swans, p.213
  • beaver, p.214
  • mouse and wolf, p.215

Roy Wilkinson's The Human Being and the Animal World contains sections on:

    Rudolf Steiner's Ideas on Evolution
    The Human Being and Animal Compared
    Classroom Work
    Man as a Threefold Being
    Human Hand and Foot
    Cuttlefish, Mouse, Cow, Horse, Elephant, Lion, Camel, Dog, Birds and Fishes

Charles Kovacs' The Human Being and the Animal World contains sections on:

    The Head, Trunk and Limbs
    The Cuttlefish
    The Seal
    The Snail
    The Harvest Mouse
    The Red Deer
    The Hedgehog
    The Eagle
    The Limbs
    The Elephant
    The Horse
    The Bear
    The Lion
    Buddy, the Guide Dog

by Douglas Florian

A Platypus, Probably

by Sneed B. Collard III

The Harvest Mouse, with its fascinating spherical nest, is also mentioned in We Build Our Homes: Small Stories of Incredible Animal Architects by Laura Knowles, Swirl by Swirl: Spirals in Nature by Joyce Sidman, Animals Upside Down by Steve Jenkins, and Spiders Spin Webs by Yvonne Winer.

Thornton Burgess wrote The Burgess Bird Book for Children and The Burgess Animal Book for Children. These are both fantastic books; contact me if you'd like to know the table of contents.

Holling Clancy Holling wrote two books which would be particularly good for Man and Animal: Pagoo (hermit crab) and Minn of the Mississippi (snapping turtle).

Wilfrid S. Bronson is another fabulous natural history writer. Browse his titles to see which ones would be good for the animals you want to do. I've personally enjoyed The Chisel-Tooth Tribe and Horns and Antlers.

Books to Buy

Ok, here's a dose of honesty.

There's no "one book" I recommend for this topic.

I've struggled with this over and over but there isn't one. The only thing I can figure out for these blocks is to choose your animals first, perhaps by finding the artwork that most inspires you and which you'd most like to do, and then get them in the proper order second -- Form/Function -- and then as the final step decide what is the best source for your story for that animal.

That's the best advice I can give!!!

I've put together a comprehensive blog post with all of the pictures from both main lesson books (Man & Animal I, Man & Animal II). You can find it here.

Below are the notes as to the animals I chose and the resources I used. But there are lots of other great resources, depending on which animals you pick! At the bottom of this page I've listed links to books with lots of animal poetry, one of my favorite things to add to this block. Enjoy!

I adored the fabulous, fantastic, and FREE East African Teachers Training Manual 6: Human and Animal Studies.

I really like the diagram on page 29 of the "Threefold Human Being." Please click on the link above and view it. I used this to help me choose which animals we'd study for each of the two blocks.

    "Thus we may see, as illustrated in the diagram, that just as a baby is born head first and slowly develops the trunk and limbs, so in the evolution of creation the 'head' creatures in the sea came first, then the 'trunk' creatures like the fishes, insects and reptiles and finally the 'limb' animals in the mammals. The different creatures are specifically linked to the form of the human being.

    On the opposite side of the diagram we may see a different division of the animal kingdom whereby the creatures are linked to the human being through the functions of the three areas of the body."

So in our first block, we did three groups of animals (head, trunk, limbs), and in our second block we did three different groups of animals (nerve/sense, rhythmic/breathing/blood - carnivores, metabolic - ungulates).

To give the briefest possible explanation of the anthroposophical view, the human being is the animals put together and so the animals are the human being taken apart. This view is what separates the "Man and Animal" block from the traditional teaching of Zoology in the public school.

Block I: Form

  • Story #1 - The Three-Fold Human Being

  • Story #2 - The Animal Kingdom

  • Story #3 - Jellyfish

  • Story #4 - Mollusks: Octopus and Snail

  • Story #5 - Earthworm

  • Story #6 - Honeybee

  • Story #7 - Fish

  • Story #8 - Turtle and Tortoise

  • Story #9 - Snake
    • watched a BBC nature documentary about this - from David Attenborough's "Life in Cold Blood" series

  • Story #10 - Seal

  • Story #11 - Human Hands
    • chapter 9 of Kovacs "The Limbs"

      we brainstormed all the things our hands do and she created a MLB page out of that

  • Story #12 - Metaphors & Similes
    • inspired by Roy Wilkinson, pp.19-20

    Block II: Function
    Nerve/Sense - Birds & Rodents
    Rhythmic/Breathing/Blood - Carnivores
    Metabolic - Ungulates

  • Story #1 - The Great Backyard Bird Count
    • this occurs every year on President's Day Weekend
      Great Backyard Bird Count website - enter data - view results

      "Sparrow" poem by Kaye Starbird, from Eric Carle's Animals Animals

      map of our yard showing all feeder locations plus the birdbath

      data table showing what bird species we observed

  • Story #2 - Eagle
    • we did pp.63-66 of the chapter from Kovacs but I hated the Kiah story and don't recommend it

      Alfred, Lord Tennyson's eagle poem can be found many places, including The Waldorf Book of Poetry

      young bald eagle talon illustration traced from the Eagle page in Maryjo Koch's Bird Egg Feather Nest

  • Story #3 - Harvest Mouse
    • we read chapter 5 from Kovacs and I loved it

      wet on wet watercolor painting from Waldorf Without Walls homeschool family workshop with Barbara Dewey and Jean Miller

      the poem "The Harvest" by Alice C. Henderson

  • Story #4 - Black Bear
    • for many of the remaining animals we used chapters from Thornton Burgess's EXCELLENT Burgess Animal Book for Children, copyright 1920

      my edition is leather bound with the original pictures but apparently the modern edition only contains the stories - well worth getting however

      chapter XXXII Buster Bear

  • Story #5 - Red Fox
    • chapter XXVII Reddy Fox

  • Story #6 - Coyote
    • I know this seems like a lot of carnivores but we did the Coyote at Leah's request, since there are more and more of them in Southern Illinois

      chapter XXVIII Old Man Coyote

  • Story #7 - Lion
    • we read chapter 13 of Kovacs and I think we must have watched a nature documentary as well but I can't remember which one

      I also like Young Lions by Toshi Yoshida

  • Story #8 - The Food Cycle of a Ruminant
    • here we switched to Horns and Antlers by the inimitable Wilfrid S. Bronson

      chapter 1 has a fantastic explanation of the stomachs

      tracing paper copy of the illustration from this chapter

  • Story #9 - Horns vs. Antlers
    • also information from Bronson

  • Story #10 - White-Tailed Deer
    • then we returned to Thornton Burgess

      XXXV Lightfoot the White-Tailed Deer

  • Story #11 - Moose

  • Animal Poetry Collections

    I have wanted for a LONG LONG time to make a list of all the animal poems in all the books of poetry I own and, after searching for a fruitless 20 minutes for a jellyfish poem last week, I finally turned to the internet. I found, and used in Leah's MLB, Marianne Moore's "A Jellyfish" (1959).

    I also liked

    INTERVIEW: Kate Coombs, Winner of the 2013 Lee Bennett Hopkins Award

    Here is my animal poetry collection;
    I've put a picture of the book and a quick list of what animals are covered.

    A Journey Through Time in Verse and Rhyme

    spider, robin, bird, mouse, cat, lion, unicorn, tiger, duck, hen, peacock, eagle, skylark, sylph, starling, squirrel, hedgehog, beaver, hare, bunny, sheep, pig, donkey, llama, ox, cow, elephant, lobster, crocodile, owl, butterfly, bee, grasshopper, worm, centipede, snail, tadpole, frog, toad

    The Waldorf Book of Poetry: Discover the Power of Imagination

    Job 12:7-8

    butterfly, peacock, bird, bee, cow, rat, rabbit, grasshopper, mouse, kitten, duck, lamb, robin, squirrel, frog, owl, cow, horse, cat, eagle, camel, fish, donkey, wolf, shrewmouse, field mouse, seal, tiger, elephant, ant, horse, nautilus

    I am Phoenix: Poems for Two Voices

    finches, wandering albatross, mockingbird, falcons, hawks, passenger pigeon, common egret, phoenix, warblers, cormorant, sparrows, doves of Dodona, swallows, swifts, whip-poor-will, owls

    Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices

    grasshopper, water strider, mayfly, firefly, book lice, moth, water boatman, digger wasp, cicada, honeybee, whirligig beetle, house cricket, chrysalis

    Creatures of Earth, Sea, and Sky

    hummingbird, dragonfly, fishes (a poem for two voices), eagle, duck, migrating birds, whale, raccoon, dolphin, frog (a poem for two voices), elephant, snake, bat, spider, bear, Galapagos tortoise, endangered species

    Beast Feast: Poems & Paintings (1994)

    walrus, barracuda, anteater, boa, lobster, chameleon, rhea, ants, whale, pigeon, armadillo, sloth, grasshopper, camel, caterpillar, toad, bat, firefly, kangaroo, mole, kiwi

    On the Wing: Bird Poems & Paintings (1996)

    egret, green catbird, dippers, magnificent frigate birds, hummingbird, vulture, whooping crane, roadrunner, quetzal, hill mynah, royal spoonbill, rhinoceros hornbill, white-tailed kite, emperor penguin, hawk, woodpecker, Andean cock-of-the-rock, weavers, stork, crow, nightjar

    In the Swim: Poems & Paintings (1997)

    catfish, salmon, piranhas, eel, sawfish, sea horse, whale, starfish, ray, flounders, sharks, blenny, flying fish, clam, anglerfish, skates, manatee, jellyfish, oyster, rainbow trout, tetra

    Insectlopedia: Poems & Paintings (1998)

    caterpillar, dragonfly, daddy longlegs, army ants, inchworm, praying mantis, black widow spider, io moth, whirligig beetles, weevils, walkingstick, hornet, treehoppers, mosquitoes, monarch butterfly, giant water bug, termites, crickets, locusts, ticks, mayfly

    Mammalabilia: Poems & Paintings (2000)

    aardvark, bactrian camel, fox, coyote, gorilla, beaver, zebra, lynx, ibex, otter, rhebok, elephant, mule, tapir, lemur, giraffe, hippo, boar, bear, porcupine, tiger

    Lizards, Frogs, and Polliwogs: Poems and Paintings (2001)

    skink, tortoise, gecko, crocodile and alligator, iguana, cobra, Komodo dragon, Gila monster, box turtle, python, chameleon, diamondback rattlesnake, polliwogs, midwife toad, glass frog, newt, wood frog, red-eyed tree frog, bullfrog, poison-dart frogs, spring peepers

    Poetry of Earth
    selected and illustrated by Adrienne Adams

    turtle, bat, the sea, butterfly, buffalo, crow, rabbit, a speck (insect), meadow mouse, snail, eagle, squirrel, buck, goat, owl, tiger, zebra, duck, sandhill crane, sea turtle, prayer for reptiles, red fox, egret, little things, wild geese

    beautifully illustrated and nice selection of classic poetry -- I am sorry it is out of print

    Eric Carle's Animals Animals

    ant, barracuda, bat, bear, bee, billy goat, bird, butterfly, camel, cat, caterpillar, chick, chickadee, cow, cricket, crocodile, crow, dinosaur, dog, donkey, dragonfly, duck, duck-billed platypus, eagle, electric eel, elephant, firefly, flying fish, flying squirrel, fox, frog, giraffe, gull, hawk, hedgehog, hen, hippopotamus, horse, hummingbird, jay, kangaroo, lion, lizard, mouse, narwhal, octopus, owl, partridge, peacock, pelican, penguin, pigeon, pony, porcupine, porpoise, rhinoceros, rooster, seal, shark, sheep, snail, snake, sow, sparrow, squirrel, swallow, tiger, turkey, turtle, walrus, whale, woodpecker, yak

    the only book in my collection to have a helpful alphabetical index by animal name

    Talking Like the Rain: A Read-to-Me Book of Poems

    chicken, swallow, woodpecker, bee, caterpillar, butterfly, mouse, cat, dog, cow, horse, camel (dromedary and bactrian), wapiti, polar bear, wolf

    Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night

    raccoon, snail, moth, owl, oak tree, night spider, baby porcupine (porcupette), cricket, mushroom, eft (amphibian! -- red efts are the land-dwelling stage of the red-spotted newt), bat, moon

    this is a STUNNING Newbery honor book with beautifully written poems and interesting informative sidebar about each topic

    The Random House Book of Poetry for Children

    mouse, squirrel, rabbit, chipmunk, hedgehog, bat, sloth, camel, buffalo, hippopotamus, elephant, wolf, fox, bear, lynx, polar bear, lion, leopard, seal, mandrill, horse, donkey, pig, dog, cow, cat, little things, bug, praying mantis, cricket, ant, wasp, flea, fly, mosquito, cockroach, dragonfly, caterpillar, firefly, ladybug, codfish, worm, flying fish, shark, fish, lizard, boa, desert tortoise, crocodile, salamander, frog, tree frog, polliwog, hummingbird, fledgling, canary, duck, blackbird, sea gull, sandpiper, wild geese, hen, night heron, vulture, sparrow hawk, eagle

    Favorite Poems Old and New: Selected For Boys and Girls

    feather or fur, toad, worm, four things (from the Bible), ant, bumble bee, honey bee, beetle, little green fly, caterpillar, chipmunk, cricket, chameleon, centipedes, dragonfly, firefly, frog, grasshopper, ladybug, minnow, locust, lobster, mice, mole, moth, snail, snake, starfish, spider, tree toad, toad, horned toad, turtle, tortoise, wasp, he prayeth best (from the Rime of the Ancient Mariner), near dusk, end of summer, dog, cat, horse, burro, cow, bull, lamb, pig, rabbit, squirrel, skunk, woodchuck, brown bear, grizzly bear, camel, deer, elephant, fox, kangaroo, lion, monkey, prairie-dog, seal, tiger, wolf, the peaceable kingdom (from the Bible)

    Red Dragonfly on My Shoulder
    translated by Sylvia and Cassedy and Kunihiro Suetake, illustrated with whimsical multi-media collages by Molly Bang

    dragonfly, flying fish, crow, pony, frog, cicada, cat, praying mantis, fly, cricket, dog, sparrow, water strider

    another book which I am sorry to see go out of print!

    Animal Poems

    snail, whale, bat, groundhog, camels, penguin, squirrel, wasp, elephant, minnows, snake, hummingbird, kangaroos, bear, porcupine, jellyfish, wren, gorilla, cockroach, owl, rabbits, star-nosed moles, spider

    Spiders Spin Webs

    all spiders, from around the world: kite spider, most ornate herennia, american tarantula, garden orb web spider, garden spider, black orb weaver, green lynx spider, trapdoor spider, orb-weaving spider, wolf spider, water spider, mexican red-kneed tarantula, net-casting web-throwing spider, crab spider, cave spider

    clear illustrations and specific information about each species

    The Barefoot Book of Classic Poems

    spell of creation, cat, bear, swan, wild geese, fish, buffalo, elephant, pegasus, bird, donkey, lobster, dog, panther, wolf, tiger, the sea

    Here's A Little Poem: A Very First Book of Poetry

    a circle of sun, cat, chicks, puppy, hamster, bumble bee

    When We Were Very Young

    dormouse, puppy, elephant - lion - goat - snail, bear, rabbit, fox, elephant, mouse, cow, swan

    Now We Are Six

    rabbit, bear, beetle, hen, cat

    The Coffee-Pot Face by Aileen L. Fisher
    with silhouettes by the author. 1933

    beetle, moth, frog, rooster, dog, bug, dragonfly, ant, ladybug, cricket, insect, firefly

    The Winding Road: A Family Treasury of Poems and Verses

    robin, firefly and owl, dog - dove - harvest mouse - fish

    Favorite Rhymes from a Rocket in My Pocket

    turtle, tadpole, cow, elephant, raccoon, possum, rabbit, dog

    Ogden Nash's Zoo

    cat, dog, rabbit, squirrel, duck, cow, turkey, poultries, mule, lamb, fish, guppy, tortoise, lamprey, porpoise, eel, shrimp, shark, squid, whale, clam, oyster, fly, caterpillar, the tsetse, ant, praying mantis, centipede, termite, firefly, bird, canary, cuckoo, grackle, ostrich, stork, swan, toucan, asp, cobra, python, skink, camel, elk / wapiti, hippopotamus, llama, lion, panda, panther, shrew, rhinoceros, kangaroo, armadillo, phoenix

    I Wonder How, I Wonder Why
    by Aileen Fisher

    yellow bird, ant, insects, chicken, daddy longlegs, mole, woodchuck, bat, rabbit, spider - caterpillar - butterfly, hibernation/migration, nocturnal animals

    Another Second Poetry Book

    spider - fish - sea pigeon - night owl - grey fox, bird, owl - mouse - cuckoo, Mark's Fingers, hippopotamus, dog, kitten, tiger, sloth, fox, lion, minotaur, wolf

    A Child's Garden of Verses

    cow, a little land, bird

    Bone Poems

    dinosaurs mostly... but may come in handy at some point! for example, if you are doing North American Geography, you may want "America, the Beautiful Home of Dinosaurs"

    jellyfish and clam, crocodiles - turtles - beetles - frogs, an ancient horse, whale (evolution), early humans

    "206" is for human bones (if you are doing Human Physiology)

    Poetry for Young People: Robert Frost

    calf, butterfly, ant, bluebird, cow, happy bees - darting bird

    Poetry for Young People: Emily Dickinson

    bees, woodpecker, caterpillar, snake, bee and fly, bird, butterfly, robin

    The Dragons Are Singing Tonight

    all dragons of the mythical variety -- but could be fun for a bearded dragon page

    Every Time I Climb a Tree

    glowworm, caterpillar, robin - worm - mole, bluejay, fly, grasshopper, ladybug, grey squirrel

    My Cat Has Eyes of Sapphire Blue

    all cats and kittens

    In Every Tiny Grain of Sand: A Child's Book of Prayers and Praise

    bear, robin, cow, duck, mouse, birds, donkey, crowned crane, swallow, snail, finch, ant - flea - tadpole - mosquito - locust - tsetse fly, bat, may every living creature attain peace

    Poetry Speaks to Children (Book & CD)

    lightning bug - firefly - glowworm, wolf, turtle, owl, eagle, buffalo, shark, baby kangaroo, rabbit, dog, lion, toad, sheep, tiger, mouse

    The Essential Haiku: Versions of Basho, Buson, & Issa

    Basho: cuckoo, whitebait, worm, crow, crane, horse, wild duck, bee, frog, skylark, crab, cormorant, wasp, sparrow, cicada, monkey, quail, hawk, spider, fox, rooster, cat, lice, fish, caterpillar, dragonfly, bush warbler, sea slugs, silkworm, night heron, snail

    Buson: wild geese, snail, frog, sparrow, crow, horse, caterpillar, crab, heron, cormorant, fish, flying squirrel, bat, cuckoo, pigeon, deer, hawk, winter warbler, cat, hen and chicks

    Issa: spider, bat, oriole, cat, snail, mosquito, cormorant, inchworm, deer, flea, horse, fly, skylark, pigeon, moth, frog, toad, cuckoo, bedbug, wren, cricket, dragonfly, gnat, duck, tiger moth, sparrow, dog, crow, sea slug, butterfly, fish, woodpecker, pheasant, foal, doe and fawn

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