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50 Fearless Women
updated June 11, 2020

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50 Fearless Women
for Class 2


This Cultural block for second grade was a bit unusual. We did the traditional block of the Saints in October but then did "Fearless Women from U.S. History" for our Virtuous People side of things.

I got the idea because I taught this block in a mixed age homeschool co-op, and the fifth graders did U.S. Presidents in October (2020 being an election year). I then had both groups study the Fearless Women in March (fifth grade did their U.S. Geography study in March as well). It was a very balancing experience, since they had both done so many male figures from history in October.

Books to Buy

I am basing this block on 50 Fearless Women Who Made American History by Jenifer Bazzit.

At this point, this block is still in the planning stages and I'm looking for a place to put all of my ideas. If you have a wonderful idea for a woman who would be a great fit for this list, email Renee!

This block could obviously also be taught in 7th & 8th grade, when U.S. History is studied and with a particular emphasis on biographies.

List of Stories & Activities

We can't study all 50 women in this book, of course. Here is the complete list of biographies:

Pocahontas, p.1

Anne Hutchinson, p.4

Mercy Otis Warren, p.7

Phillis Wheatley, p.10

Deborah Sampson, p.13

Abigail Adams, p.16

Sacagawea, p.19

Lucretia Mott, p.22

Sojourner Truth, p.25

Dorothea Dix, p.28

Harriet Beecher Stowe, p.31

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, p.34

Susan B. Anthony, p.37

Harriet Tubman, p.40

Clara Barton, p.43

Elizabeth Blackwell, p.46

Mary Harris "Mother" Jones, p.49

Victoria Woodhull, p.52

Queen Lili'uokalani, p.55

Frances Willard, p.58

Jane Addams, p.61

Ida B. Wells, p.64

Nellie Bly, p.67

Clara Lemlich, p.70

Helen Keller, p.73

Emily Greene Balch, p.76

Georgia O'Keeffe, p.79

Eleanor Roosevelt, p.82

Amelia Earhart, p.85

Clare Boothe Luce, p.88

Grace Hopper, p.91

Rachel Carson, p.94

Virginia Apgar, p.97

Rosa Parks, p.100

Marguerite Higgins, p.103

Maria Tallchief, p.106

Coretta Scott King, p.109

Muriel Siebert, p.112

Maya Angelou, p.115

Dolores Huerta, p.118

Sandra Day O'Connor, p.121

Gloria Steinem, p.124

Barbara Jordan, p.127

Marian Wright Edelman, p.130

Billie Jean King, p.133

Sally Ride, p.136

Oprah Winfrey, p.139

Sonia Sotomayor, p.142

Maya Lin, p.145

Mary Bonauto, p.148

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