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Nature Study
updated March 31, 2023

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Nature Study
for Bridge and Class 1/2

As I write this, in January 2020, I have been mulling over the question of school for Zac, who will be six in May.

As he gets closer to six he is really interested in school in a more serious way but I know he is still too young for reading and math. So we are in the "Bridge" time, and we are just reading lots and lots of books about all kinds of things.

One of the things I was looking at as more academic-y but still gentle and not too much is Exploring Nature with Children which is a Charlotte Mason-inspired nature study year long plan.

It is meant to be done for several years, so you would do the same topics when you came round again in first and second grade, but reading more challenging books about it.

There is also plenty of optional additional support for this curriculum available through Facebook and Instagram for families. Kristen Lindsay @magichomeschoolbus puts together free supplemental packets with more activity and book ideas for each week's theme, which you can sign up to receive. And there's also a FB group where people share what they are doing with their kids, and since everyone is always on the same week at the same time, regardless of the age of their child, it's pretty helpful to hear everyone else's ideas and suggestions.

It is so interesting to me now to look back over this Waldorf Curriculum website. Since I have been working on collecting my notes here since 2005 it is a project with no end, and -- as new resources are created and old resources fade away -- there are always new things to suggest.

So, currently, to use as a Bridge curriculum or for Nature study in grades 1 & 2, I recommend the Charlotte Mason-inspired Exploring Nature with Children curriculum. It is a downloadable PDF which you can choose to print or not, and the cost is just $18.00. An optional companion book is Anna Botsford Comstock's Handbook of Nature Study, which is also useful for multiple years.

Handbook of Nature Study

by Anna Botsford Comstock

And, of course, Nature Study doesn't end when you complete Second Grade! A love of Nature stays as a continuing thread throughout all of Waldorf education.

Becca, age 11
with the Parts of the Biome jars from Waseca Biomes

the lovely Weather Tree (PDF)
from All Year Round

Pro-tip: If you forget to color in the leaves of your weather tree, here's a website with past weather data!

Nature Study - February Notes

    A Field Trip

Nature Study - March Notes

    Nesting Birds
    Spring Pond Study
    Vernal Equinox
    Garden Snails

    extra week idea: Natural Dyes

Nature Study - April Notes

    Spring Tree Study
    Plant Life Cycle

Nature Study - May Notes

    Black Garden Ants

    extra week idea: Biographies

June - Week 1
A Museum Visit, p.180

June - Week 2
Honeybees, p.184

June - Week 3
Blossoms, p.189

June - Week 4
The Summer Solstice, p.193

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