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Archetypal Professions
updated April 7, 2023

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Archetypal Professions
for Class 1

For more on Steiner's 12 Archetypal Professions, I highly recommend the important work of Suzanne Down!

Women's Writes of Passage December 24 - January 6, 2020
A Course for the Holy Nights Inspired by Steiner's 12 Professions and the Soul Powers They Represent. Online

The Annual Puppet Boot Camp: A Five Day Intensive
The 2019 topic was Steiner's 12 Professions: The Moral Value and Artistry of the Worker Archetype in Story, Puppetry, and Fairy Tales. Boulder CO

Each Archetype has other professions which fall under it; the Archetypes can also work together. Each has a series of gestures which embody its work, and she is the expert at using these gestures and puppetry in a therapeutic way to bring the essence of these ancient professions to children, helping them to feel a sense of stability and purpose in an ever-changing world.

Some general resources:

Some resources for various professions:

Note: This is explored in further detail in Third Grade Farming & Gardening.

Note: This is explored in further detail in Third Grade Farming & Gardening.

Note: This is explored in further detail in Third Grade Measurement.

Note: This is explored in further detail in Third Grade Handwork.

Note: This is explored in further detail in Third Grade Handwork.

Note: This is explored in further detail in Third Grade Housebuilding.

Note: This is explored in further detail in Fourth Grade Zoology.

Note: This is explored in further detail in Fifth Grade Botany.






    Beauty and the Beast
    retold by Marianna Mayer

    The Tale of Ginger and Pickles

    by Beatrix Potter

    Note that the Merchant specifically DOES NOT MAKE items, but sees a need in his community and meets it. He provides the items by offering them for sale. In this way, the "Tin-Peddler" chapter of Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder does not work, because the peddler was also the tinsmith. But the "On the Road with Rowlie" chapter of Lassie Come-Home by Eric Knight would work, because the traveling potter does not make his wares.

Shepherd / Shepherdess

    field trip

    Little Boy Blue

    Little Bo-Peep

    taste sheep yogurt, cheese


    Peter in Heidi by Joanna Spyri, chapters 2 & 3

    taste goat milk, yogurt, cheese


    field trip / archery lessons


    special guest - learn how to light a fire with two sticks

    Tell Me a Story

    edited by Louise deForest
    "The Golden Pine Cones," page 176

    Favourite Grimm's Tales

    illustrated by Anastasiya Archipova
    "The Hut in the Forest," page 23



a modern profession in the Fisherman category
fishing for insight -- different from gathering food
goes to vast, deep, wide, far sea -- very drawn
his connection to something so huge -- there's a deep reverence
finding the mysteries they cannot see -- throw a line, a net, pull out treasures

    special guest: ours was a microbiologist studying early life on Earth

    Dr. Scott Hamilton-Brehm
    Dr. Punit Kohli

Note: When I taught this in 2020 I spent one week on the Four Elements and three weeks on the Archeyptal Professions. If I were to do this again, I would give the Four Elements a full four week block and the Professions a full four week block, covering three professions in each week.

My blog posts from teaching this topic:

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