Sunday School Curriculum - Initial Preparation
updated September 14, 2015

*NEW* Substitute Teacher Lesson Plans - 101 Favorite Stories from the Bible by Ura Miller

(I've found my plans are too intimidating for my subs so this is more user-friendly. It's not a bad little book, actually. I'm quite pleased with it.)

Resources for my ADHD student:

Favorite websites for learning about the Bible:

    Old Testament Books - listing of the 39 books of the Protestant OT and short summary of each

    Here's the entire text of the Bible, verse by verse (with nice navigational up and down arrows so you can find your way around) and including international translations.

    For different interpretations and commentary about each verse, try They do a good job of referring you to other places in the Bible that talk about the same topic, so you can get a sense of the larger picture.

Setting up the classroom:

    Cabinet labels


    Posters for the inside of each cabinet door


    Posters for each month's blessing


Things I need to buy:

Things I need to make:

  • job chart
  • Out of the Room sign


  • sticks for mug
  • clothespins for job chart
  • posters for Bible verses to be assigned (HW)
  • candles
  • index card for each child with student information & address
  • * tags for labeling student work baskets -- 2nd quarter
  • sign for classroom door with group name and motto
  • labels for each cabinet and drawer

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