Philosophy: Courage
updated October 15, 2016

Recorded here is my own personal collection of articles, resources, favorite links, teaching ideas, and lesson plans. It encompasses many years, from the very beginning of my experience studying and learning about Waldorf to the present time. People from all around the world visit my site and recommend it to others. Welcome!

This site records my journey. I hope my honesty is encouraging and helps break down some barriers that may prevent people from trying Waldorf methods. Because this is an ongoing site documenting my curriculum planning and ideas, some materials are more Waldorf-y than others. Please feel free to take what you like and leave the rest.

Philosophy lesson plans
for children

WHEN to teach Philosophy is a source of great contention; I leave it up to your discretion. I am comfortable teaching it in elementary and middle school. Others would insist high school.

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Booklist: Essential Text

Little Big Minds: Sharing Philosophy with Kids

by Marietta McCarty

You will not be able to successfully teach children philosophy simply by looking at the booklist below; you will need her book (above) for her teaching tips, discussion questions, and exercises for

    The Topic,
    The Philosophers,
    Facing Your Fears, and
    Finding Your Voice.

Booklist: Resources

Marietta suggests the following:

world map or globe

A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

Mary Wollstonecraft

Thoughts on the Education of Daughters

Mary Wollstonecraft




William Armstrong

Hansel and Gretel performance

Hansel and Gretel

"Imagine" song

John Lennon

"Sea-Fever" poem

John Masefield

I also recommend:

from Junior Great Books anthology (series 2, 1992): "How the Elephant Became"

William's Doll

Charlotte Zolotow

Show Way

Jacqueline Woodson

The Brave Little Parrot

Rafe Martin

Enormous Smallness: A Story of E. E. Cummings

Matthew Burgess

A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy

William B. Irvine

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