updated June 17, 2010

Blogs are a wonderful source of inspiration and support. It's good to know that you are not alone! Here are some of our favorites:

Since I get most of my teaching ideas from books, I actually have another Blog Passion and that is

Cooking Blogs

When it's midnight and your husband and children are all fast asleep and the house is mercifully quiet and you are awake, enjoying a few precious moments to yourself, there's nothing better to while away the hours than reading a few cheery, stimulating cooking blogs. Welcome to my addiction!

I pick mostly vegan bloggers because they write about foods that are new to me & things that I think are interesting. I already know how to make mac 'n' cheese and meatloaf. And I despise anything with the words "cream of mushroom soup" in the ingredient list. So I'm curious about what else is out there.

The downside to reading all these healthy blogs is that it makes me think EVERYONE in the world goes jogging except me. Hmmm...

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