First Grade Curriculum Overview

First Grade Curriculum Overview

Our First Grade Curriculum Overview is the perfect resource for homeschool families preparing to teach first grade (pdf - subscription required).


Table of Contents

The First Grade Child

  • Parent Preparation
  • Signs of First Grade Readiness
  • Online Resources

How First Grade is Different From Kindergarten

  • Reading Steiner
  • Teaching Through Imagination

Curriculum Highlights

  • Storytelling Resources
  • Nursery Rhymes

The School Day

  • Sample Daily Schedule
  • Head/Heart/Hands
  • Starting Your Day
  • The Question of Textbooks
  • The Main Lesson Book

Setting up the School Room

  • The Atelier

Journaling and Assessment

  • Remedial Work
  • Consultants

The First Grade Curriculum

  • Preparing for a Unit
  • Keeping a Plan Book
  • Setting Up Your Plan Book

Sample Plan Book Pages

  • Binder Cover Page
  • Weekly Plan Page
  • Daily Plan Page
  • Journaling Page

Good Curriculum Planning

First Grade Skills & Understandings Checklist


  • Form Drawing
  • Beginning Recorder
  • Quality of Numbers
  • Learning to Knit
  • Handwriting
  • Equals the Raven
  • Math Gnomes
  • Environmental Studies
  • Singing
  • Physical Education
  • Miscellaneous


Suggested Booklist


This document is 138 pages long. Please note that although it contains much information on what and how to teach in first grade, this is an overview; it does not include daily plans.

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