Greek Mythology and the Forms of Energy
updated November 30, 2019

Using Donna Quillen's unit for unit outline and EnergyWorks Student Guide for Science experiments. Here are my notes as to our additional activities.

Sound - Echo

    We kicked off this unit with a field trip to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra to see their "Science of Sound" educational program. It was the perfect introduction to the topic! However, you could begin with any trip to see a symphony perform.

    Review onomatopoeia (Poetry unit).

    The speed of sound through air is approximately 343 meters per second. Have students use a meter stick to measure 343 meters of string (see my blog post). Then go outside to a field and lay the string in a straight line!

    Online Tuning Forks (the internet is an amazing thing)

    Boomwhackers -- a link to buy them, a link for lesson materials

Light - Narcissus

    New Mexico Solar Energy Association Energy Concepts Primer

    Make a Spectroscope from a CD

      A cardboard box, any size that can hold a CD or DVD disk will do
      Some aluminum tape (found in hardware stores), or some aluminum foil and glue
      Two single edged razor blades
      A small cardboard tube, the kind used as a core to wrap paper on
      Some cellophane tape
      A CD or DVD that can be sacrificed to this project

    The speed of light is nearly 300,000,000 meters per second (299,792,458 m/s) so we did NOT try to measure a piece of string that long!

Heat - Prometheus

    "The Sun and the Wind" fable - Aesop

    "Prometheus" by Lord Byron

Growth - Demeter and Persephone

    We sent the children home over Spring Break with the different Growth experiments from the EnergyWorks Student Guide, asking them to come back after the Break and report their results. Some activities we did in the classroom were:

Electricity - Zeus

Motion - Hermes

  • stomp rockets!

I started this unit March 1st and gave one week to each topic. On Earth Day (April 22, 2010) we began lessons on climate change and reducing our carbon footprint, a nice conclusion to the Energy unit.

FREE -- very traditional -- Eco-bunnies lesson plans by grade level from Travelocity:

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