Foraging (Botany or Native Americans Block )

These notes were taken from my location in Southern Maryland, Zone 7 so they may not apply to your area. I have restricted it to things I have actually seen in person which I knew to be edible; it is definitely a work in progress. Take the time to become familiar with the plants in your own location.

And please please don't eat any plant if you can't identify it!!!!


  • dandelion greens (notes & recipe)

  • bluebird eggs - Kings Landing Park
    It is, of course, NOT LEGAL to visit the bluebird nest boxes at the park and take the eggs and eat them and I don't advise doing this; I am merely noting where I saw them. Native Americans in this area would certainly have considered bird eggs to be a food source.


  • morel mushrooms - a delicous edible mushroom which is the size and shape of a large walnut, grows on a short fat stalk, and looks like a little brain. It is a very light brown.
    I saw two of these just off the road on the way to the Steve Easter trail, on the right hand side.
    (pictures, notes & recipes)

  • fiddlehead ferns (notes & recipes)
    Although several varieties are edible, the Ostrich Fern (Matteuccia struthiopteris) is the only non-carcinogenic fern; more on carcinogenic ferns.

  • Beautiful images of the ostrich fern


  • venison - I have to put venison here because they are passing ground venison out at the food pantry so presumably it is "in season" but I would guess that deer meat is a year round food

  • wild strawberries - recipes, stories and folklore

  • technically the mayapple is also available but since it is so poisonous if you eat it at any stage except the perfect point of ripeness I wouldn't advise trying it


  • black raspberries

  • blackberries

  • red raspberries


  • pears

  • figs

  • crabapples

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