Storybook Art by MaryAnn Kohl
updated March 1, 2010

Chapter 1: Paint

Color Outline

Acetate Layers

* I prefer Eric Carle's "Slowly, Slowly, Slowly," said the Sloth
Multi Paint Picture

Carousel by Donald Crews
Motion Effect

Jackson Piglet Wall Painting

Corduroy Print Bear

Cat & Mouse Prints

Winter Mist


Decorating Cookies

Pencil Watercolor

Alpha Baggie Book - see this activity

Glue Block Print

Blue Fingerdots

Patchwork Parade

Brown Bag Painting

Shaded Potato Print - see this activity

Wipe Away Fingerpaints

Stencil Trees

It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles G. Shaw
Shaving Cream Puffs

Lights & Snow

Window Letters

Mixing Mouse Tracks - see this activity

Mono Color Painting

Etch and Paint Plaster

Chapter 2: Draw

Border Extension

See Through Scribbles

Cross-Hatch & Stipple

Fancy Words

Behind the Scene

Four Square Seasons

Spot Dots

Talking Bubbles

Bold Marking

Accented Pencil

Mirror Reflection

All in a Row, One Line Design

Homemade Scratchboard

Crayon Rubbing Scene

Embossed Drawing

Charcoal Sketch - see this activity

*Iza Trapani's books are also good for this; we used Froggie Went A-Courtin'
Illustrated Music

Fantasy Architecture

Key Element Color

Shaded Watercolor

Pen & Ink Humor

Assembled Tree Rubbing

Lightly Sketch

Classic Illustrating

Pattern Repeat

Chapter 3: Cut/Collage

Realistic Lupine

Mixed Collage Story

Thick Paper Collage

Count On Cut-Outs

Letter CollÚ

View of My Planet

Collection Collage

Photo Finish

Memory Scrap Quilt

Watercolor Snow Collage - see this activity

Photo Story

See Shapes

Loving Family Photo Collage

Outline Focus

Peek-a-Boo Mitten

Tissue ExposÚ

Glittery Pieces

Snakeskin Patterns


How Thunder and Lightning Came to Be: A Choctaw Tale by Beatrice Orcutt Harrell
Fine Feather Collage

Cut & Paste Scene

Mystery Clips

Fuzzy Collage

Surreal Illusion

Clone Collage

Chapter 4: Craft/Construct

* I prefer Clare Beaton's Mother Goose Remembers
Stitching Time

Balloon Sculpture

3 D Feelie Bugs

One of a Kind Artsy Shoes

Crystal Snowflake

ABC Sticks

Handmade Paper

Silly Spaghetti

Calendar Hat

Shoebox Bedroom

Tea Set Clay

Squeezy Inchworms

Sand Sculpture

Friendship Stick

Assembled Noodles

Pressed Clay Illustration

Pop-Up Scene

Rozan-Ji Garden

The Kid in the Hat

Snowy Layers

Look Alike Assemblage

Crazy-for-Crictor Socks

Paper Plate Sculpture

Bath-Time Paints


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